What happens to your body when you’re in virtual reality for 25 hours?

It may seem extreme, but there has been a new record achieved in the Guinness World Records: Longest video game marathon on a virtual reality game system.

Derek Westerman spent 25 hours and two minutes hooked up to the HTC VIVE, which he used to play the game Tilt Brush —  at least he tried to play.

It turns out, staying in virtual reality for that long can have some ugly effects. He teamed up with a VR expert to take on the challenge and made a short film documenting the experience.

Westerman used the bathroom, ate pizza, and drank water all while taking part in “little art projects” as he calls his activity within the virtual realm.

After 17 hours, Westerman became incredibly ill — vomiting and unaware of his surroundings, but he remained in VR, and after 25 hours, came back to reality.

“My brain was tricked to sort of view the room as VR itself,” said Westerman.

Watch the experience for yourself in the video below.

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