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What Is the World’s Most Motivational Song? LG Knows

By Dawn Allcot


We can all use a little music to get us pumped up on a summer morning. But if you were looking not just for a fun, upbeat number but a tune scientifically proven to be the most motivational song ever, what would you cue up on your playlist?

LG Electronics USA, in partnership with Australian pop star Betty Who and Amper Music, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) music production company, has created it. Betty Who performed the song, titled “Voices,” for the first time ever at the LG-sponsored Color Run Los Angeles on June 30, 2019. A crowd of thousands of young runners, eager to celebrate their achievements and motivated to kick start their next goal, reveled in the anthem and the philosophy espoused by LG that “Life’s Good.”

In creating the song, LG’s Artificial Intelligence team worked with Amper Music to analyze hundreds of popular motivational songs and playlists to uncover shared sound components, such as tempo, melody, harmony, chord progressions, and scales. Once the data was organized into concrete findings, Betty Who brought the song to life, providing creative and lyrical direction to collaboratively design LG’s “Most Motivational Song Ever.”

“Each note, lyric, and beat was purposefully crafted to motivate listeners to get started no matter how big or small your goal is,” Who said.

In addition to the live performance from Betty Who, the Color Run Los Angeles featured a wide variety of entertainment and exhibits, including colorful food cooked up in LG kitchen appliances, a massive selfie wall, a live graffiti art installation, and numerous LG product giveaways and demonstrations.

So just what is the most motivational song ever? What does it sound like? You’ll be able to find out soon. Titled “Voices,” the song will be available at  on July 9, along with behind the scenes footage of the collaboration between Betty Who, LG AI, and Amper.

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