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Generous Complimentary Offering of Digital Business Operations Software


Broadcom has introduced its innovative Digital BizOps Starter Edition, a generous complimentary offering of integrated, digital transformation software. This new program provides a larger number of businesses access to solutions across the entire digital business operations (BizOps) spectrum at no cost.

According to the Wall Street Journal, executives see operational challenges associated with digital transformation as the #1 risk factor for businesses in 2019. Related, 70% of digital transformation initiatives do not meet their objectives. Often digital transformation efforts do not succeed because organizations lack access to the technologies and tools required to rapidly and efficiently bring new digital products to market.

To address these operations risks and help organizations – from SMB to enterprise – become successful digital businesses, Broadcom designed Digital BizOps Starter Edition to help businesses get started with Agile Business Management, Value Stream Management, Continuous Testing, DevOps and AIOps.

Powered by open source and leveraging AI to drive actionable insights, it will enable agile teams to more effectively plan, develop, test, deliver and monitor digital products. Digital BizOps Starter Edition is comprised of software as a service application software, including Rally, Automic Continuous Delivery Director (CDD), BlazeMeter and DX APM at generous usage thresholds.

“We recognize that for many executives, the choice has been either a set of disjointed tools from multiple vendors with a low-cost of entry, which don’t scale over time, or very powerful integrated solutions with a high-cost of entry that don’t always align with budget pressures. Digital BizOps Starter Edition alleviates these issues, providing easy access and cost-effective digital solutions to businesses of all sizes as they get started on their digital transformations,” said Ashok Reddy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom.

“Digital BizOps Starter Edition creates an opportunity for organizations to innovate and modernize their IT landscapes at a time when the IT spend has been severely constrained due to economic pressures— this can impede the digital growth model,” said Ramanath Suryaprakash, Associate Vice President, Partner Ecosystems and Global Alliances, Infosys. “Now, we can pro-actively engage with our customers to demonstrate the value of this enterprise class software suite and how it can accelerate innovation and productivity.”

A Gartner research report entitled, ‘Defining a New Framework for Regulating Digital Society’, noted that ‘digital societies mobilize faster, change more frequently, and disrupt society and the economy more than past societies. This leads for calls for new rules that reflect digital realities and offer greater proactive protection’.

“In today’s build-run-grow environment, businesses need to be digitally-powered by AI and automation. By offering Digital BizOps Starter Edition, we are helping level the playing field for all companies to compete and win in a more equitable digital society, furthering ‘best ideas win’ ideology— a true game-changer,” added Ashok Reddy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom.

“We’re excited about the opportunity that Starter Edition creates for our mutual clients. It’s a great way to gain access and get started immediately with premier, scalable Agile and DevOps capabilities,” said Rob Greca, Managing Director of Agile Expert Services at Rego Consulting. “Agile teams will immediately experience how effectively Broadcom’s Digital BizOps solutions, such as Rally Software and CDD, enhance enterprise alignment and accelerate software delivery.”

Digital BizOps Starter Edition Components

Digital BizOps Starter Edition is available as a service to help digital product teams get started quickly. The components are enterprise-grade with few functional limits. The platform is designed to support most digital product initiatives and teams of up to 50 users. There are no time constraints.

Digital BizOps Starter Edition is available now.

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